Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sky watch Friday: Eagles watching over you.

We drove past this house many times to North Shore and we talked about the eagles at the gates. Had great weather that day. We joked the poor eagles must be wishing they were not concreted to the gate posts but are soaring up in the like like I did when I went flying with my Kai Mum, and sisters and Brother.

Sammy Hagar - Eagles Fly (Music Video) w/ Lyrics

Sunday morning 9 a.m.I saw fire in the skyI felt my heart pound in my chestI heard an eagle cry
Now I'm alive, I can breathe the airFeel the wind, smell the earth in the airI watch an eagle rise above the treesProject myself into what he sees
Hey, take me awayCome on and fly me awayTake me up so highWhere eagles fly
I often dream I sail through the skyI've always wished I could flyThe simple life of a bird on the wingOh Lord, I could sing
Hey, take me awayCome on, fly me awayLift me up so highWhere eagles fly, oh yeah
I'm alive, I breathe the airWash the earth from my faceI catch a glimpse of another dreamI turn, I look there's no trace
Take me awayCome on, fly me awayI wanna fly away, pick me up so highWhere eagles fly, oh yeah
Eagles flyOh, take me awayEagles flyOh, take me away
Come on, let's fly awayWhere eagles flyCome on, fly awayWhere eagles fly


Photo Cache said...

usually you see lions on the gate posts and you can tell they're chinese or some other asian origins, but eagles, i've never seen those before.

Karen said...

Oh how exciting to go flying in a small plane like that!

Lew said...

Delightful! Your flight was a little noisier than the soaring eagles, but fun to feel the wind in your face.

Liz said...

That sounds like fun. Happy sky watching.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the eagles have landed,
nice change from the normal lions for chinese hse or elephants for indian house.

Kay L. Davies said...

Fabulous for Skywatch and also for Thursday Theme Song, Ann.