Saturday, November 3, 2012

Photohunt: Baked New Zealand salmon

 Fresh from the fish market.
 ginger, chilli, carrot, spring onion, onion, pepper
spring onion, carrots, onion, ginger, pepper, sea salt, red lantern chilli all juliened.
 scale the salmon
 2 layers of baking paper
 spring onion
 olive oil and stuffed juliened veg.

 staple like a parcel.
 pop on oven 200 degrees for 15 minutes
 served with paper still wrapping salmon, impress our diner, and no pots, pans to wash.
 unwrap and serve as is. I popped a chilli in fish mouth for fun.
 Half eaten fish, served for 3. with mixed veg and steamed rice.
 What was that Mum?

Sam ate the rest for afternoon tea.

Feeling guilty that I had been a computer addict and a culinary armchair cook for a while. I felt I had to do something different. My grandma and mum in heaven would be proud of me. No fast hand and fast leg  aka working too fast and no precision for a change. Well, just for today, don't expect a repeat performance, boys.

My friend is Canada who is a fantastic cook tells me this style is 
"The French name for your method of cooking: "En Papillote" Your way of cooking makes the fish moist and delicious. It is like baking and steaming at the same time. Good job.

I do my bit of advertising for New Zealand. as our seasons are reversed of that in the Northern hemisphere, you may like to come here.

Salmon fishing in New Zealand

While New Zealand is well known among anglers as a trout fishing destination, it is less known for its salmon fishing. 
However, many rivers - particularly on the east coast of the South Island - offer superb angling conditions and good fishing for New Zealand chinook or quinnat, a species of Pacific salmon.
New Zealand chinook do not grow as big as the North American counterpart which commonly weighs in at 20kg (45lb) in Alaska, but a four-year-old New Zealand-caught chinook is more likely to average 7kg (just under 16lb).
The difference in size is largely attributable to the fact that Alaskan salmon spend more years at sea, whereas New Zealand chinook return at three to four years of age.
New Zealand salmon season
The New Zealand salmon season runs from early October (spring) through to late April (autumn).


David Chin said...

I think what you have here is a Salmon grown commercially on a farm near Taupo. They are only around 1 kg and sold at Pak N Sav for $9.99 each.

Vicki said...

Wow, so simple and looks delicious. I am not sure what the season is here in Oz.

My seasonal is at