Friday, November 16, 2012

Save the world/Sky : Visiting from Sarawak to New Zealand.

A fine day when my sis E and Bro in law Kallang Akup came to Auckland.

Here is Ngarimu, the Heritage & Resource Manager of NGATI WHATUA O ORAKEI CORPORATE LTD extending his hospitality to my sister Elizabeth and brother in-law Kallang to his marae.  This was a very special day because not everyone get to be welcomed this way. I knew Ngarimu after I helped his whanau in their Zero waste project. His elder to me, you ate our food, you slept in our Marae, now you are Whanau. Part of the family. I went back to school and told the kids, I am no a Maori, the kids LOL.

You can't see how small this play house is as I didn't take the photo of the Marae beside it. This play house once belonged to a rich little girl. She gave it to the people when their Marae was burnt.
New Zealand has very good timber. My brother in law Kallang admired how the timber were slotted without nails to make benches and BBQ tables. He said how ingenious the makers were. He wanted to visualize how to make them and intended to take the technology back to his home in the Bario Highlands in Borneo.

I went to a beautiful park in Owairaka.

I am always happy when I go out in the open greenery and sea front. Unfortunately some idiot had ruined the joy for the day. They burned a perfectly good bench. 

The burnt mark looked like a heart.
Some people have no respect for public property. Burning is worst than graffiti. With graffiti, you can wash the writings off. With burning, the whole bench is ruined. In extreme cases, in a very dry summer, bush fires can happen.

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Cat said...

That is terrible someone did that to the park bench gggrrrr - I went to Owairaka kindergaten - and my first youth group was at Mt Albert Baptist church :)