Monday, November 12, 2012

Red: Mt Albert Church Thailand Auction

 Jeff Orr, the Youth and Young Adults and Care Pastor, the auctioneer, and did a great job too.
 A little girl plays peekaboo with her Dad, and he bid a pink bucket.
 A blue and red Pukeko, a New Zealand native bird. Whoever knitted it is so clever.
 Happy Bidders, it was getting quite chilly, there were a lot of items and many bidders left.
 All in red is Zara.

My friend and colleague Firoza's daughter made these beautiful muffin  bouquet. She made two.
 There is no red here, Sam models for me to show the gigantic panels of the Titanic dinner display. They had a dinner on last Saturday. I didn't attend, I was already under the water with my nose all stuffed up.

Karen the Children, Families and New Comers Pastor and Lynne, both very happy with their bidding.

On Sunday, our Church had an auction to raise funds to send a team to Thailand.
Serving the Poor / Development Work – Jared and Candis; Lois; Project Thailand
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