Saturday, November 10, 2012

Scenic Sunday: David Lyle Morris

Today was one of those days that I didn't want to go to church. My sore neck and sore lower back  were playing up. Just like the Sunday when  the principal of Carey College Charles and his wife Joanne came to our church, the old man upstairs gave me a nudge to go.

I went and I was glad I did. I was blessed by David Lyle Morris and his band. They played beautifully.

 He touched me when he shared that 17 months ago that his wife Liz was diagnosed with cancer. He mentioned that at times like this,  all he could do was hold her hand. He spoke to me of my own afflictions,  when my baby was dying, I didn't want anyone to talk to me. I just want them to hold my hand. Just the touch transferred to me the love, the care of the giver. Since I joined the Sands,  I was told that it is OK to cry and I tell newbie bereft mums to cry. In 11 days, it will be Andrew's 23 anniversary. It will cry, and I will like people to hold my hand.

Joanne Hewitt  had been coming to our Church, Mt Albert Baptist Church. I hope she too will be comforted.

Do go on his link to read more.

I told the band photos from the TV terminals. It is dark at the stage. For some unknown reasons, my camera ran out of battery, I could not take David's photo. So I got our Chinese pastor to take our photos. Then inexplicably  the battery came back on when I took other photo of another occasion. The first photo of David and his drummer with our church members Martin  and Joyanne.

A singer/songwriter who began life as the child of military parents and had lived in three countries by the age of nine has continued his international wandering as a singer and teacher on worship.
David Lyle Morris released this his 12th album in 2010. Morris called his latest album Lifestory, because the songs recorded on it chart the journey of his life over the last 22 years, “through grief and to a new birth”. Tracks on the album were recorded with different backing bands and in different countries, so a range of musical styles is heard on the album.
Lifestory was produced with the help of Integrity Music in Singapore and, says the artist, “looks back at my life, ministry and my journey of discovery in music and worship”.

Desired haven                   Psalm 107:28-31
Crying out forlorn in our trouble
Dig us out of our deep distress
Still the seething storm to a whisper
Raging waves of the sea are hushed
© 2010 Tevita Music, PO Box 99655 Newmarket, Auckland 1149, NZ

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