Friday, September 28, 2012

Spring Flowers in my garden

29th September is a special day.
It's a day that I kept for myself.
It's a day that my 3rd child,
Andrew was born 23 years ago.
It was also the day Andrew started his dying journey.

29th September 2012,
Today, becomes a special day for K.
It's a day her child Z,
is taken from her.
Cry K, cry!
I understand how much it hurts.

I am posting ordinary garden flowers.
Because on this day,
K and I don't care for the flowers,
Garden or florist bought.
This is the day, we rather want our child in our arms.


Jama said...

*hugs* to you Ann...

Modern Mom said...

Pretty flowers.

Yellow Bloom

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I'm sorry Ann for the pain that understandably is still with you. Take care.

David Chin said...

Ann, I appreciate and understand your sorrow over your lost. Perhaps it is now time to move on? There is more to life than dwelling on our past. We can also look towards the future (and a little bit of happiness?)