Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Red: Old Chinese Pillow

I have never used this but have seen it in the Hong Kong TV shows. My Hong Kong friends tell me that it is very good especially in summer when it is cooling. It is firm. The word woven on it is SEE,  meaning double happiness. It is a kind of cane, or was it bamboo. Someone please tell me.

You can't imagine the happiness when I was in my Binatang/Bintangnor friend Francis Chen's house. he collects items of the days gone by. He had stories how he retrieved items that had been thrown away.




LV said...

That is a neat pillow and love the story behind it.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Pillows talk!
Red Doorway

Ensurai said...

This kind of "bamboo" block for supporting the head (zheng tow) is probably from the Fujian and Yunnan Provinces. Some of the best antique Chinese block
pillow" come from Fuzhou..under the lacquer ware cateogry. My ancestral city has been famous for lacquer ware for centuries. I still keep my grandmother's lacquer ware zheng tow..and it's in Miri!! Very few younger Foochows know about them now. And probably they are acquiring feather pillows with Egyptian cotton pillow cases....modern affluence!!

Jeannie Marie said...

My grandmother would so appreciate seeing this pillow. Happy Rednesday!

My name is Riet said...

I would say bamboo but iam not sure. It is a lovely pillow.

Unknown said...

very interesting pillow mommy Anne. love the chinese character meaning on it. hope you could visit my Ruby Tuesday last week here: http://www.lovehomegrowgarden.info/2012/09/04/garden-flowers-torch-ginger-lily/