Friday, September 21, 2012

Pink Cedrela (Toon) Tree.

The Wiggles sing, " Spring time has come, where has spring time come?" They sang the Japanese song

Haru Ga Kita (Spring Has Come)

Haru ga kita
Haru ga kita
Doko ni kita?
Yama ni kita
Sato ni kita
No ni mo kita

Spring is in the air,
Spring is every where, except when it is the face of the thermometer. Then winter is still here.

While you have Fall/autumn in the northern hemisphere, we have spring here. We have a tree is is completely pink. Pink Cedrela (Toon) Tree. It doesn't stay pink very long. Then they become green. A spectacular tree in spring when the new foliage is pale pink. The foliage slowly turns cream then deep green. An upright, narrow habit growing to approx 8M.

The young leaves are extensively used as a vegetable in China; they have an onion-like flavour. Plants with red young leaves are considered of better flavour than those where the young leaves are green. I imagine it would look very pretty as a salad. 

I was joking with my friend to go to a house with a Toon tree and ask if I could cut some to cook. My other friend says in fact they grow so profusely that she had to cut them back. So the house owner would probably be happy to let me take some.

This tree reminds me of the SHE ZAI CHOI or the Changkok Manis veges which is so popular in Sarawak restaurant now. I don't quite fancy it because we grew them in my dad's home. Now, as I travel in parts of Sarawak, at any nook and cranny, or empty plot. I see that people had grown them. My sister in law has a plot of land in urban Kuching. One day, she went and found people had made use of her land. I went to my friend's condo,  her neighbour,  and I looked down and saw the veges. I suggested to my Sister in law that she should be the landlady and claim her rights. Then she could get free veges all year round.


joanne said...

love the name of that neat always post such interesting commentary!

Unknown said...

In chinese It is called xiang chun(香椿).I grow a few in the backyard of my house.Vegetarians use its leaf to replace garlic and onion.Add the shredded leaf to the topping for pizza.Blend the leaf with corn oil and make pancakes or fry taufu with it,taste great.

Unknown said...
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Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

Xaio Feng, are you talking about Changkok Manis? I have never seen this in Sarawak. It can be 10 feet tall.