Saturday, September 22, 2012

Overhead bridge in Singapore

There are many overhead bridges. When I was living for 16 years, I was fortunate where I lived in NTU, I didn't have to use an overhead bridge. This trip in June 2012, I stayed at Kovan, I had to use one. A bit of inconvenience, but better be late and safe than never arriving.

In Singapore, jaywalking involves crossing roads with disregard of the traffic lights, failure to use overhead bridges or designated pedestrian crossings, and crossing over road railings, Wanbao said.
Traffic Police officer Zheng Xiang Yun, 31, told the media that accidents are caused by overconfident pedestrians who might not see vehicles coming from another direction.
She advises pedestrians to pay attention when crossing roads, and not to talk on their mobile phones or listen to music using their earphones.

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genie said...

I understand that using it would slow you down, but it looks so nice. It looks like it has a little roof over it to keep you dry in the rain. That is really nice. Like you picture of it. genie