Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Skywatch: Sibu Jaya and Keezrawati Mujan Yusuf

On my way back from Durin, my cousin drove me to Sibu Jaya,
a satellite town of Sibu where I grew up.

Sibu Jaya development is based on the concept of a self-contained township and spans
 an overall gross area of approximately 1,400 acres. The development comprises a 
mixed array of residential homes, shop houses, commercial centre, high rise 
commercial buildings, industrial lots, schools and amenities. Upon its full completion, 
Sibu Jaya will house a population of approximately 50,000 people. The township is a
model township showcasing a combination of city amenities with countryside qualities.

The development is centrally located along the Pan-Borneo highway, which is the first 

trunk road that links Kuching and Miri. It is also a mere 1 km from Sibu Airport and 
6 km from Sibu town. With the Durin Bridge now completed, Sibu Jaya has become 
a transit point for long distance travelers, yet offering its residents an ideal environment 
in which to work and play with. Besides full self-contained convenience, there is 
also an incomparable park ambience to promote better work productively.

Last Saturday, I went to a wedding in Auckland, and was pleasantly surprised to 
meet Keezrawati Mujan who went to school there. Mujan is now in Auckland university
 and reminds me of when I was a green horn when I first came to university here.  
She wore the Malaysian National Dress, the Kebaya, and I wish I did too.

The year was 1973. This is a photo of my mum,
Mary Wah Kiew Chan Nee Kong.
Mum was dressed in a Kebaya,
 the national dress of Malaysia.
People askedif she was a Malaysian Airlines stewardess.
She smiled and said she was too old.
 We teased that she should have told them she was the
 director of the stewardess.
At that time, she was the DEO's wife. Dad was the
Divisional Education officer.

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Thomas Lee/Lee Lip Pang said...

Nice blue sky over Sibu
and your mum really looks like a MAS stewardess.

Autumn Belle said...

This type of skyline always makes one remember the journey home. Your mom is very beautiful in a kebaya.

Carver said...

Gorgeous sky shot and I love the shot of your Mom.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Beautiful sky Ann. Your mother was beautiful. Nice memories.