Sunday, July 4, 2010

Macro Flowers: Poppy

Thank you Maia.

I am joining this meme for the first time. First I love flowers. Second, the badge for this meme is the North Borneo Orchid. My Dad's favourite flower. It gives me warm fuzzy feeling everytime I see this flower.

Join Macro Flowers Saturday, a photo meme for macro photos and close-ups of flowers, garden flowers, wildflowers, blossoms, flowers with insects and butterflies (no insects without flowers), flowers with raindrops and whatever beautiful plants, plant seeds or berries you have, in close-up.

First time visitors, please read the rules. They are simple but I do ask that you, please, use a MFS badge or link back to MFS in some way. Thank you.

Macro Flower Saturday

I am a very practical person, and it is hard to believe myself that I was such a romantic at once stage of my life. I haven't told many people about this story except to a few fellow bloggers.

It was more than 30 years ago, I had finished my degree at the Auckland University and along with a couple of students we were doing our summer vacation job. I was also getting married just before Christmas.

I walked to work to save money, and on my way, I saw this clump of tall wild plants with orange flowers. I went to pick the flowers like Red Riding Hood. It wasn't easy, as the plants had those cutting hairs that hurt my hands. I got carried away, and arrived at work late.

The foreman was waiting at the clock-in and asked why I was late. I tried to hide my flowers and the rest of the full time girls saw me. They teased me if I was getting married. I was so embarrassed and quickly kept the flowers in the locker. The girls "dan dan dan dan" of the Wedding March..

After work, I retrieved my flowers. They had wilted. For all my trouble, I got a bunch of useless flowers.

The girls told me, "Poppies need water."

Here you are, whenever I see poppies, I remember that day.

My 13 year old son asks,"Are you allowed to pick flowers on the road side?"


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful photos Ann and a cute story!

Maia T said...

What a beautiful story Ann, it doesn't hurt to be romantic once in a while.
Your poppy photos are amazing, thanks for sharing them on Macro Flowers Saturday!

Cassie said...

Boo-Full!!! The photos are terrific, Ann. I have some poppy seeds a friend gave me but haven't planted them. Hopefully next year they'll still be okay to plant.

The JR said...

They are beautiful flowers. Meanies where is their romanticism?