Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Teacher's woes.

This is New Zealand Jasmine, They remind me of the numerous students in my school. They come to school as buds, and when they leave, they are beautiful flowers with a nice fragrance.

This is a photo of my son's primary school, Edendale Primary school. This was taken last year when the weka or boat was on top of the roof. They had a 100 years celebration, and they removed the weka, much to the disappointment of many. They were told that the Weka leaked.

Fellow Blogger OLD LADY LINCOLN posted some of the things students say. I laugh because I have a long list as well.

My student exclaimed," What! you are 50, my Nana is not even 50. You can't be 50, otherwise you should be at home and be a Nana, and not be a teacher."

Another," No, you can't be 50, surely you must have made a mistake. Even teachers make mistakes too. I think you are only 40."

When teaching my students, "Then" and "Now", I tell them when I was a student, we had black boards, and now we have white boards. So the student says," Just like you have black hair then, and now you have white hair."

Do I laugh or do I cry? I didn't want to tell them, I lied, I am not 50, I am over 50.


Patty said...

Good morning Ann, thank you so much for your visit. I see you are like my husband, you have more than one blog. I can hardly keep up with one anymore. LOL Speaking of children, our youngest Granddaughter Audrey (her Mother, Melissa our youngest child and Audrey are living with us at the moment) is constantly reminding Abe and myself how old we are. She thinks it's funny. Sometimes I say to her, I hope when you're our age you'll remember what you use to say to us. LOL Then like last evening, she proceeded to say, in 2074, she'll be my age. I'll be 74 in Oct. Abe's birthday is Oct. 25, 1934, mine is Oct. 27, 1936. Anyway, I then say to her, well I won't be around to help you celebrate, but hopefully I'll be looking down from heaven at your celebration and she just smiles.

Anonymous said...

Children say the cutest things!

I enjoyed seeing your son's school and the pretty Jasmine. Wish I could smell the sweet fragrance.

Have a good day Ann.

The JR said...

Funny Ann. I imagine they can come up with all kinds of things that leave you shaking your head....

Ginny Hartzler said...

I love this post!! I've never seen Jasmine, but it does have such romantic connotations, this flower is lovely and I like your comparison with it. At first I thought the boat was actually part of the building design! Did it really leak, or did the teachers just not like it there? I love that last comment, so very clever! What ages and subjects do you teach and do you work part time or full time?

Kim, USA said...

Children are funny and they really say it right hehe. That is why I like kids to remain innocent and don't be rob with that privilege, they have the sweetest heart. Happy Wednesday!