Sunday, August 26, 2012

A bud about to be nipped. Camelia camellias are known as cháhuā (茶花) in Chinese, "tea flower"

I once wrote a post about nipping in the bud.

This morning, I joked with my friend Chang Yi. We both posted a photo of the fallen Camelia flowers. She was visiting Perth and was philosophical about the waste that they still gave enjoyment for a few more days. Previously, I found out about Camelia oil and had joked with her that we could produce the expensive oil together. I wrote, what a waste.

In actual fact, I am in no mood for jokes. This Thursday, I was told that a 7 year old kid  was dying. I had not met this girl, and she had cancer since she was 3. I offered myself to talk But with protocol  I didn't know if it is  appropriate. I wanted to tell these kids that it is ok to cry, and with death will come to the end of pain and suffering for their friend. She had suffered so much that  it was better to let go. But for her mum, she will always miss her and suffer a lot time.

Last night, I face booked a new friend K who has a child in remission from Cancer. I told her about the kid.

I didn't know the child and her mum's name, but reading K's post, I connected the dots. I asked her if we are talking about the same person and sent her mum  a message. This morning, the mum messaged me, Now we have made a connection.

Here is a mum facing the prospective of becoming a bereaved mum. I am having a mental journey with her and holding her hand.

My heart is grieved, here is a bud about to be nipped. What can her poor mother do? I recalled the days when Andrew was dying, I wanted to spend every minute with him. Friends ask me to rest, but how can I, know my child was dying. I can imagine the mum walking the same road as me, wearing the same pair of pinching shoes.

Don't be strong, It is Ok to cry. I love you, KS.

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diane b said...

Lovely camellias even in death just like your Andrew. You are doing a great service for this poor mother, well done.