Thursday, August 30, 2012

Daffodil Day

Daffodil represents hope. 1 in 3 New Zealanders is affected by cancer.

Marie Curie Daffodil Appeal by downloading The Daffodil Song.
The album sleeveThe song, specially written and performed by brothers Ian and Gary Smith – better known as acoustic duo Poachers Too - comes from Scotland's thriving urban acoustic modern folk singer-songwriter scene. It also features rising singing talent Vivien Scotson and percussionist Will Purdie.

They officially launched The Daffodil Song at the Marie Curie Shop, The Tron, Edinburgh today (March 2, 2007 ) and treated customers to a live acoustic performance of the number. /thedaffodilsong

 It is the Cancer Society's fundraising awareness campaign. Our school participates in this event everyyear. We are all encouraged to wear green and yellow, staff and students alike. We also raise funds by a gold coin donation and wear a daffodil. At lunch time, students were given free face painting. I had mine on my hand. My green top isn't very green, but my yellow shirt was.

Cancer Control New Zealand, an advisory committee providing independent advice to the Minister of Health, says the day has a positive role on how cancer is viewed and treated in New Zealand.

"Raising awareness about cancer and helping to fund cancer research are real successes from the 20 years of Daffodil Day fundraising,"

Donations help fund education, research and patient and family support and play an important role in helping to reduce the incidence and impact of cancer,"

In many shops, throughout this month of August, daffodils are offered to customers.

My attempt to teach my young students about Father's day was over shadowed by the children's enthusiasm on Daffodil day. It is good they are very aware of this cause.

To all those suffering from cancer and their families, I wish the daffodils will give you a glimmer of hope as they open up the wallets when people donate for cancer research.

For my friend Ellen in USA, I never stop thinking of you everyday.

As for my own family, I recount the time when my father-in-law and cousin-in=law were in excruciating  pain before the BIG C took them away. She was just in her twenties.

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Reader Wil said...

Cancer is health enemy number 1 in the Netherlands.
You asked how the weather is in Australia. Well I don't know. When I was there a month ago it was windy, sunny and two or three days rainy. I shall go again in December. The whole family shall meet in Tasmania.