Thursday, August 30, 2012

Autumn/Fall leaves.

 drift of fallen autumn leaves
 A little girl enjoys the rustle of leaves.

My son likes the rustle of the fallen leaves when he walks on them. Ever wonder what happens to the leaves in Autumn or Fall if you live in America?
When I was in Canada, I once lived in a road called something  boulevard. I loved the trees that lined on both sides of the road. I remember the rustling of the leaves. Then the road was covered with snow. I never wondered what happened to the leaves.
Down Under here in New Zealand, During our Autumn, (March-June)
Just this year, I was rudely woken on a Saturday morning. It wasn't rubbish day. I looked out of the window and saw a band of merry men at work. They were blowing up the red and gold leaves. Some were raking them to a big piece of ground sheet. So that what happens to the fallen leaves. I went to take the photos, discretely at first. One of them spotted me, and gave me a big grin. He tells me the leaves are taken to the city's compost plant, to be recycled. Leafmould is made from rotting down leaves . It is a great soil conditioner and mulch.

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