Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Water babies in Sarawak.

My little brother, Mr. WWF, Dr Henry Chan explained to me that Sarawak is a riverine country. This means lots and lots of rivers. Sarawak is a country of heavy tropical rain and rivers.

Sibu, my home town is situated along Rejang River some ninety miles from the South China Sea. Rejang River is 350 miles long and is the longest in Malaysia. I learned to swim in that river. We started like my daughter, playing and until an older uncle considered us capable enough. Then he flings us to the deeper end. Then we frantically swim back to the jetty.

My oldest daughter D was two when she visited Sarawak. Her Aunt Elizabeth took her swimming in one of the tributaries of Rejang River near to Binatang. We all had fun. This was a tributary, not the main river, so it was shallow. We went that year in 1986. We went with my sister's friends, the Lau family. Sadly, the Dad and one of the girls have died.



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