Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kai Chung River Cruise.

 We were on Vacation, this woman is the wife of  student Liung Ling, they came back from USA. Sorry I forgot her name, though I spoke to her.The man in stripes, Stephen Lau from New Zealand.
 Letter N for No room left. Reunion 7/7 outing in an old boat which sailed specially for us.
 Sisters Mag, Kimberley and Lynn and Gabby, and the husband of the woman in the first photo, Liung Ling.

 Nobody, after all the passengers have alighted from the Rejang River cruise.
 Our 350 miles Rejang River.

Some of us, including me chose to travel in the front, Titanic style.
For Flower meme, our Special Sarawak welcoming flower. I am not sure if it is special to this region only or to Malaysia. We were welcomed with present students dressed in ethnic clothes in Kai Chung school, in Binatang, aka Bintangnor, in Sarawak.
"LEISURE" (Vacation, Sports, Fun, Rest, Relaxation,...)





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Reader Wil said...

What a wonderful trip on the water! Great idea for an outing!