Friday, August 3, 2012

Fund raiser

Three envelopes were in my letter box when I came home from work. I don't normally get any mail via the snail mail. They were  from the Auckland University. One was for my daughter, one for the water engineer and one was for me. I know what they were, they come every year at this time.

It highlights the importance of scholarships, interesting projects and activities and the impact that the generosity of donors is making, supported by quotes from scholarship recipients. Alumni are reminded that even a modest gift is meaningful, particularly when added to similar gifts from other alumni, and that donations in New Zealand now attract a 33% rebate.

The photo is the Old Arts Building where I had many of my lectures. It was very cold in winter, and was like an old castle. I like it because it was symbolic of being what a university should be.

I tease the water engineer, he hibernated 10 years in the university. He still goes back because he loves    it so much. I hope he imparts his passion to his students so they will love it as much as he does.

I wonder how the organising committee of the Kai Chung School managed to persuade the alumni to donate so much for their mother school. The Reunion Alumni of the 70s-80s of Kai Chung school donated MR$200, 000 plus to their Alma meta to build their sports stadium. My student Ling Kie King donated  MR100,000, Francis Tiong and Ivan Lu Su Chiu donated MR20,000 each to the stadium. Nicholas, Ivan and Sia Sung Leong were main sponsors to the reunion contributing MR10,000 each.