Friday, September 21, 2012

Photohunt: Escape

On Thursday, I went to a course to learn to teach English as a Second language. We were doing reading. We had two seniors from the host school. We discussed a story on visiting a prison. We looked at a picture and we discussed the fence and barb wire. The students said the prisoners can't escape.

This photo was taken in Miri, Sarawak when I specially made a trip to the Mulu Caves. There were rows and rows of dilapidated houses. My host told me they were built for the soldiers. We don't need them any more. What a waste? I said, may be they could be converted to prisons, I asked in jest. He laughed back, we don't have that many bad people.


Vicki said...

I agree they would make a good prison with little chance of escape. I loved how comment about you not having that many bad people to need them.

My escape is at

ancient one said...

All of us need an escape from everyday life.. and a walk is just as good as anything else to accomplish this!