Friday, April 26, 2013

The lashop/photography and lighting.

Helped My Style To Get New Equipment
I bought some new photography studio equipment because I was tired of the same old stuff I had laying around the studio. Sometimes it’s important to just get a breath of fresh air in the form of new stuff, maybe you’ll find inspiration in a new lens or a new backdrop, something that you may not think would make a big difference, but could end up influencing the way you do things for a long time. Some of the stuff I got was a new bunch of photography lighting equipment, I really thought that would help me see things in a new way, and think outside the box, perhaps a bit more creatively. And to be honest, it’s working. Just having something new to toy around with, set up different shadows, different brightness levels, and all that, it’s fantastic. I’m really thankful I found the website because there is a wide selection of materials and equipment that a moderately amateur photographer like myself can use. I don’t need what the use in sports illustrated or vogue, I just need something to help me take photos, it’s a passion, a side project. I have a normal job, it’s not that I’m trying to get rich off my photos, though I wouldn’t complain. But as in anything I do, I want to do it right, so I want to get equipment that is pro level. That’s why I decked out my studio with all that new stuff. Now when I’m downstairs working on a project, whatever it may be, I can feel like a pro, and who knows, that could lead some day to my actually working with photos and making an income that way. I figure if I don’t put all my eggs in that basket, maybe one of them will hatch anyway.

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